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Need to build a house in Bloxburg? Why not get somebody to do it for you? Welcome to StudioONE Building Services, where quality meets standards in our offer of high quality Bloxburg builds! We have top notch staff who are kind and friendly!


quality service 


Everything You Need







Committed to creating great results for our clients!


Always meeting our standard of care quality with good looking, functional builds.


We reach to your desired goal and meet the expectation to totally satisfy your needs!



Please read below to get a general idea of how the process works.


If you want a house, restaurant, or anything built for you, you can request it using the StudioONE Discord Community server linked below. Once you learn about the process, press submit and it will be sent for our team to review your request! Please note that there are only a limited amount of builders on our staff team and we review the requests quite often, so please be patient! We are guaranteed not the best service or best builders but definitely one of the most secure services, and can assure quality builds! You are required to pay 20% of the starting budget to the builder, most of that money will be the payment for the builder.

You will have to wait in order to get contacted from a builder! We are always trying out new methods so please don't be bothered by any mistakes we might make, once you get a builder you cannot request for a new one, and you must stick with that hired builder. It will take time to get accepted, we don't decline requests unless there are other complications but we do everything in our good time and we may set off other requests once we get the time to do so. Please be patient!

Why StudioONE?

StudioONE is one one of the most secure/safest options to choose! We have amazing customer service with builders who are professional and reliable. We build quality builds within a caring time for the client.

work done by studioONE


"What is StudioONE"

StudioONE is a building service founded and owned by the YouTuber IIzachBuilds. It is a proposal service for clients to get their house potentially built on Welcome to Bloxburg. It originally started as "ZCHBLD Building Services"  in September of 2019 in which it got rebranded to C.A.D in April 2020 which is when we started to develop the company. Now as of May 2021, we have rebranded as StudioONE.


"How long will it take for a builder to contact me?"

It will take a few days up to 2 weeks for your request to be accepted. Note that we only have so many builders and staff members that we cannot manage every single request, and we check the responses every so often. Please also regard the time zone differences and we recommend builders to not accept requests out of their time zone. *NOT ALL REQUESTS ARE ACCEPTED, WE DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH BUILDERS*

"What if I don't like the build that a StudioONE member built me?"
If you don't like it, then that is fine but you must simply
let the builders finish what they're doing, as it isn't fair to stop right in the middle of the the building process. You are still required to pay them for their time. Please respect the builders.

"How do I become a StudioONE builder?"

You can become a StudioONE member by filling out an application through out discord server which is listed on this page if you scroll down. There will be a process explained in the #build-proposal-info channel. We will contact you for you to send us screenshots of your builds you have done. You must meet the requirements and follow the guidelines. 

"Why did C.A.D rebrand?"

We rebranded for a few reasons. Number 1: No more confusion with a common industry standard in architect & engineering fields: Computer Aided Design. Number 2: No more acronyms for names to make it simpler. Number 3: A celebration of our 1 year anniversary and to show we have developed as a company. It was an elegant rename decided by CEO and founder.

"Do StudioONE members communicate to each other?"

Yes! We do! We have a private staff discord server where we actively communicate! Since Discord is our main source of communication, we will always talk to each other as a team. We care about our process and your experience and we will try to accommodate best to your inquiries with our teamwork.

"How much is a build?"

Depends on what the build is. Whatever the starting budget is will depend on the payment plan. You are required to pay 20% of the original budget to the builder, even if the budget increases.

"Is it allowed for builders to log onto my account?"

No it is not, we do this to prevent builders from seeing confidential information, and to make this building service as secure as possible.

"What currency are we using to pay?"

In game currency. Bloxburg cash.

"Can a builder help me copy a speedbuild?"
No builder is required to copy a speedbuild, our service is precisely for original builds that have not been posted to YouTube, please do not ask out builders to copy a speedbuild, they did not sign up for that type of program.

If you have any questions, please DM @gabex#7792 or @TheR3alR3al0ofer#0001. Thank you!




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Keep up on amazing builds done by C.A.D builders, video tours, C.A.D updates and promos by subscribing to our channel!



We at StudioONE are always looking for more builders. we believe with the more builders we have, will result in more people receiving a top quality build. You must meet the requirements and be active, so if you are interested in working for StudioONE, please click below. to join our server. More details will follow in #builder-application-info

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