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"Can you build me a house?"
I can only build it if I am interested in the particular project. You can DM through Discord, Instagram or email me and if you get a response back, you've been accepted as somebody who would receive my services. Otherwise, generally no. You also have a slim chance of getting accepted through your request at StudioONE but that's a very rare occurrence. If you don't care so much about me building it for you, you can try finding a builder at StudioONE that can satsify you're requests.

"What do you use to record or edit?"

For recording, I use a paid version of Bandicam, but I sometimes will use OBS. To edit my videos, I use Filmora 11.

"Can you friend me?"

I'm sorry to say this but I cannot friend you. If you want to friend me on ROBLOX, then that is an automatic no as it isn't fair for everyone and I would have too much friends. Discord would only be for communication purposes, and any other platform is pretty much a no. In general, it is very hard for you to be a friend of mine, but I appreciate all the support and I can give you occasional advice or responses to questions! Don't annoy me though.

"Do you have any tips for building?"

Well I do have a few, you can check out my blog post about how to build a good house in Bloxburg, but really I would say to use good colors, a good structure, decorate nicely and detailed, and make sure everything is functional yet aesthetically appealing. There's a lot of interpretation for that so... go read the blog post.

"How do you build so good?"

Every time a person asks me this, I really don't know what do say. I guess I've been practicing for so long that a craft I perform gets perfected and refined overtime, a lot of my inspiration comes from real life buildings and well-designed spaces, real estate, and much more, and a part of it also comes naturally. I often compare myself to other builds, and try to implement new ideas, or replicate the realism of a real life structures. With time, dedication and passion, inspiration and recreation, that is truly one of the key factor sin building good, in any game.

"How did you start YouTube?

I started YouTube in April of 2016 because I was inspired by DanTDM, Markiplier, and other popular content creators. At the time, it was something I wanted to do for fun and I guess part of it is I wanted to become a famous YouTuber, so me and my IRL elementary friends started YouTube channels and we began from there. Overtime I refined my videos and my content which is where I am today.

"When did you start playing Bloxburg?"

I started playing around in December 2016.

"Can I collab with you?"

If you have over 20k subs, sure. But I often don't do collabs so that is very rare.

"How much do you charge per build?"

I don't build for people but if you're talking about my building service C.A.D, then please see the C.A.D page for those related FAQ's

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F.A.Q's: Quote

"Can you give me Robux?"
No. Unless it's a giveaway or milestone special.
"How do you make intros? Do you know any good intro editors?"
I usually get my intros off from Panzoid, but I do occasionally use blender to edit intros.

"Can I get a tour of one of your builds?"
Sorry, but I can't because I only have 3 plots and a lot of builds I show on my channel are built on other people's plot, you can always try asking them! I also have like 2 builds but I don't schedule tours.

"Where can I found the decals of a certain build?
Usually in the description of the specific speedbuild or on the dedicated site page for the portfolio.

"What is C.A.D?"
C.A.D stands for Creatively Awesome Design, and it is the name for the building service I established, click here to learn more

"Why are your videos so long?"
They are speedbuilds. But really, it's because I spend on average 15-30 hours on a build so it drags out pretty lengthy.

"Why can't you make up your mind? You keep deleting stuff and redoing things in your speedbuilds! It is annoying agghh!"
Well it's okay to be indecisive, I don't plan out any builds I do, I let my mind roam and the creativity and inspiration is just there. If I see something that doesn't look right to me, I change it to be the best that it can look.

"Can I copy your builds?"

"How do you get so much money in bloxburg?"
I don't. But you can always work!

"Can you make a certain build?"
If you ask me to make something specific, I will consider doing it, but not a full guarantee. Also, my builds are based on my interest and time.

"Can I roleplay in one of your builds?"
That depends what you imply here, if you want to use the ORIGINAL PLOT from my speedbuild, you have to ask the plot owner/client or convince me then pay me. If you mean if you can recreate the build then use it for a roleplay video, then that is okay, just as long as you credit me in the description.

"What ethnicity are you?"
I am Vietnamese-American.

"How old are you?"
I am 15 as of today. My birthday is July 29th.

"Do you reply to DM's?"
No I do not.. Only sometimes.

"Do you have a neighborhood on Bloxburg?"
Yes! I do! Use code IIzxchBuilds, it is public for everyone 24/7!

"Can you unban me from your neighborhood?"
If you got banned, it is probably for a good reason, for no. Some bans are temporary but some are permanent, as long as the community calls for.

"Can you unban me from your Discord server?"
If you want to appeal a ban, you have to fill out a form. Usually you are banned for a reason, on the account of being a disturbance to the community, breaking Discord TOS or server enforced rules, not listening to proper authority, etc.

"Are you gay?"

"Why are your speedbuilds so hard?"
Probably due to the fact I like to view my build from many different angles and I sometimes change things in the build because I am quite indecisive, and the combined factors with being sped up also might make it a bit harder.

"You have a gf/bf?"
Nah, I'm single

"Why do you loop the same song for speedbuilds?"
I do this to save time and storage because my speedbuilds can drag on for quite a long time.

"What are your computer specs?"
-AMD Ryzen 7 3700X (8-core Processor)
-Asus Prime X570-P Motherboard
-16GB System Memory
-500GB SSD / 2TB Storage (Seagate)
-NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 4GB

More questions will be added soon!

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