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"Can you build me a house?"
Technically no, I am not really interested in building people houses but I will build for you if I do feel like it. I am a pretty busy YouTuber and cannot build for every single person who asks, I really don't mean to be not helpful or rude, but it's just out of my time as I do tend to take time on my builds. Also I don't want to devote so much of time on Bloxburg.

"What do you use to record or edit?"
For recording, I use a paid version of Bandicam, but sometimes I will use OBS to record. To edit, I use Filmora X.

"Can you friend me?"
I'm sorry to say this but I cannot friend you, I'm sorry. If you want to friend me on ROBLOX, then that is an automatic no as it isn't fair for everyone and I would have too much friends. Discord would only be for communication purposes, and any other platform is pretty much a no. In general, it is very hard for you to be a friend of mine, but I appreciate all the support and I can give advice!

"Do you have any tips for building?"
Well I do have a few, you can check out my blog post about how to build a good house in Bloxburg, but really I would say to use good colors, a good structure, decorate nicely and detailed, and make sure everything is functional yet aesthetically appealing.

"How do you build so good?"
Every time a person asks me this, I really don't know what do say. I guess I've been practicing for so long that a craft I perform gets perfected and refined overtime, a lot of my inspiration comes from real life buildings and well-designed spaces, real estate, and much more, and a part of it also comes naturally. I often compare myself to other builds, and try to implement new ideas, or replicate the realism of a real life structures. With time, dedication and passion, inspiration and recreation, that is truly one of the key factor sin building good, in any game.
"How did you start YouTube?
I started YouTube in April of 2016 because I was inspired by DanTDM, Markiplier, and other famous content creators. At the time, it was something I wanted to do for fun and I guess part of it is I wanted to become a famous YouTuber, so me and my IRL elementary friends started YouTube channels and we began from there. Overtime I refined my videos and my content which is where I am today.

"When did you start playing Bloxburg?"
I started playing around in December 2016.

"Can I collab with you?"
If you have over 2k subs, sure. But I often don't do collabs so that is very rare.

"How much do you charge per build?"
I don't build for people but if you're talking about my building service C.A.D, then please see the C.A.D page for those related FAQ's

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