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Bloxxy Marketplace

Completed on October 9th, 2019

Plot Value: $901,384

Advanced Placing, Multiple Floors, Large Plot

This beautiful and lively outdoor shopping center introduces a refined shopping experience for the average citizen. It contains many stores, including Apple, Gucci, such restaurants~ it even features it's own medical clinic & dentists office. This property titled as the Bloxxy Marketplace surely captures the true beauty of a modern designed, shopping center. It features stores including Gucci, Apple, Top Trade Fashion, Nelsons' Barber Shop, SweetStop Ice Cream Parlor, Redwood Cafe, Ren's Sushi Bar, Subway, The Woodburn Grill, Kate's Mini Market, Foundations Hardware Store, Bestway Grocery, Sprint, Bookstore 21, GreenLodge Espresso House, Bloxburg Clinic, Domino's Pizza, Bloxburg REE Dental Care, techstreet CITY, TEAR'S FABRICS, Baker's Kitchen, Vectus Furniture.


Stores included are: Gucci Apple Top Trade Fashion Nelsons' Barber Shop SweetStop Ice Cream Parlor Redwood Cafe Ren's Sushi Bar Subway The Woodburn Grill Kate's Mini Market Foundations Hardware Store Bestway Grocery Sprint T-Mobile Bookstore 21 GreenLodge Espresso House Bloxburg Clinic Domino's Pizza Bloxburg REE Dental Care techstreet CITY TEAR'S FABRICS Baker's Kitchen Vectus Furniture

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