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Faraday High School

Completed on May 23rd, 2020

Approximately $700,000

Advanced Placing, Multiple Floors, Large Plot

Client: x_Nixn

A project that was deemed the highlight of IIzachBuilds; however it reached it's end when the client of the project got banned from Bloxburg for using money scripts. This high school features 8 classrooms, 4 shared teaching offices, a high ceiling cafeteria, a modern style exterior & interior, main office completed with a gymnasium and a basefall field; Overall a very complete, well rounded project. The value before the client got banned is about estimated to be 700,000.


Build Features: Parking Lot, Outdoor Seating & Benches, High Ceiling Cafeteria Entrance, Main Office, Lockers, 8 Classrooms, 4 Shared-Teacher, Offices, Bathrooms, Gymnasium, Baseball Field, Football Field & Track

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