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The Bossmember Residence

Completed on October 11th, 2019

Plot Value: $618,580

Advanced Placing, Multiple Floors, Large Plot

Client: Bossmember01

A beautiful recreation of ItzIsaacHere's 494k Modern Mansion released back in 2018. He has come back a year later to redesign and recreate the beautiful and modern, 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom, fun backyard and perfect for a nowaday, 21st century roleplay. It shows such aesthetics and beauty and what can be truly done in Welcome to Bloxburg. Brought to you by ZCHBLD Services. Featuring a Living Room, Dining Area, Kitchen, Butler's Pantry/Pantry, Office, Workout Room/gym, Foyer, 3 car garage w/ workshop, Storage Closets, Utilities Room, 3 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, Outside Shed, Walkside Water (Pools next to exterior walkways), 2 Pools -Full landscapes, Full surrounded fence, Gate (Non-Functional) .


House Features: -Living Room -Dining Area -Kitchen -Butler's Pantry/Pantry -Office -Workout Room/gym -Foyer -3 car garage w/ workshop -Storage Closets -Utilities Room -3 Bedrooms -3 Bathrooms -Outside Shed -Walkside Water (Pools next to exterior walkways) -2 Pools -Full landscapes -Full surrounded fence -Gate (Non-Functional)

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