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Fresh Foods Marketplace

Completed on April 17th, 2020

Plot Value Approximately $590,000

Advanced Placing, Multiple Floors, Large Plot

An organic grocery store inspired by Whole Foods; including a sit-down cafe, garden center, outdoor seating and organic certified products! It has the normal grocery store layout, with a produce section, meat, seafood, fresh bakery, organic items, dry and/or packaged items, etc. This shop has a clean and modern design! Brightly enlightened with our great staff and part of the Candlewood Colllection series! Built for JohnathanMar AKA Nate_Legacy, this is a new weekly facility for our group!


Build Features: Parking Lot, Outdoor Seating, Restaurant, Garden Center, Produce, Meat, Seafood, Dairy Sections, Fresh Bakery, Online Pick-up section, Storage, "Ready to Go" Quick Grab section, Restrooms


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