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The Keyshon Residence

Completed on July 10th, 2020

Plot Value: Approximately $340,000 

Advanced Placing, Basement, Multiple Floors, Large Plot

Welcome to an aesthetically appealing & beautiful estate. This empty unfurnished home plan costs about $340k to construct, and it features a modern exterior with a good-looking raised-floor interior! The color Linen can be seen through the entire build and is a very comfortable place to live!



Build Features: 5 Bedrooms (2 Master Bedrooms), 4 Bathroooms, High-ceiling living room, Medium-sized kitchen, 1 Office/Den, Private rooftop terrace, 1 Dining Area, Patrio/Outdoor, Lounge, Fully Fenced Yard, Nice Landscape, Raised Porch, Driveway

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