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Parkside Estates

Project Ended on November 21st, 2020

Plot Value: $1.6M

Advanced Placing, Basement, Multiple Floors, Large Plot

Client: Jaranimostilton

Wow. Another Bloxburg neighborhood? That's right. Lakevalley Heights but modern edition and mirrored over into this incredible 6-lot subdivision WITH a community park; Residential Neighborhood! Quite the project indeed, it has luscious landscapes with nicely decorated interiors, simplistically modern structures perfect for family roleplays and visiting your Aunt Karen's home in the suburbs (lol). It is a beautiful place to live! For a Roblox game... there are probably other games more beautiful than Bloxburg.


Build Features: 6 Houses, 3 Floor Plans, 2 Bigger Homes, 4 Smaller Homes, 3 Different Exterior Color Pallete, Community Park, Fence Gates, 2 Bigger Homes: 5 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, Kitchen, Dining Room, Great Room, Office/Den, 2-Car Garage, Pantry, Under-the-stair multi-purpose space, 4 Smaller Homes: 2 of them have 3 bedrooms, the other 2 have 4 bedrooms 3 Bathrooms, Office/Den, Under-the-stair multi-purpose space, Pantry, 2-Car Garage

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