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Rockchester High School

Project Ended on March 25th, 2021

Plot Value: Approximately $1,600,000

Advanced Placing, Basement, Large Plot, Multiple Floors

Client: I3a11oon

COVID IS OVER. WELCOME to Rockchester High School! 1.6 million dollars put into education! Bloxburg, take notes. There are a lot of easter egg decals in this, so watch out! I captured the depressing reality of a modern high school. WEEEEE! Welcome to an american example of a typical high school! You think this is good enough to be private? It's only a public school, smh.


12 Classrooms (Subjects Include) -Band & Orchestra -Computer Science -Art & Pottery -Architecture & Engineering -Biology & Chemistry -Family Consumer Sciences -Math -Foreign Language -World History -English Language Arts -Health -Science, Special Ed Classroom, Main Office, Nurse's Office, Principal and Vice Principal Offices, Gymnasium, Commons (Cafeteria), Football Field, Bathrooms on each level, Janitor's Closet, Parking Lot

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